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Last updated 2001 July 10

Welcome to X-titles

Continuity, in its common definition, is an unbroken connection between a sequence of events. In the X-titles, continuity makes each X-issue seem to be part of a greater, ongoing story that spans all of the books, rather than a self-contained and unrelated story. Since they are one story, the events in any issue affects or is affected by the events in the other issues. Continuity shows, through this body of related events, the chronological history of any given character, team, or institution.

The X-titles depend heavily on continuity to be cohesive, realistic, and alive. Without it they would fall apart into a babbling mess of discordant images that have no meaning, no purpose, and no hope for survival. No one would be interested in such things. Continuity keeps characters from being in two places at once, ensures that those who die stay dead, and prevents two events from referring to each other in the past tense. At least that's what its supposed to do if the writers and editors are doing their jobs correctly.

Purpose of This Site

This site is meant to be a description of all the x-titles, as well as some other titles, arranged in order of continuity. At the same time, it is meant to be an index to all these titles, complete with synopsis, characters present, creator credits, and other fun things. See the "X-title Timelines" and "X-title Indexes" sections for the current offerings in those regards, which weigh about 3 Megabytes in text at this point.

The issue index will eventually be searchable, and will also allow site visitors to add information to it themselves, automatically. In preparation for this, I have secured permissions from a variety of authors to use their own indexes and reviews in the upcoming database. But until that is working I have provided their material in browse-only form on this site.


I would like to thank Eric Borer, Robert Diehl, William George Fergusun, Alan Quan, Markus Mueller and Paulo Costa, James Manning, Dan Wilson, Hypert, and Katya for their contributions. This site would be much smaller without them. See the Timelines section for Eric Borer's works and Indexes for the others. I would also like to thank Chuck Raney for convincing me to start a web site in the first place, rather than just sticking to my two FAQs (also found on "Timelines" and "Indexes").

Why the Site is Designed This Way

This site is designed to follow some high standards, mainly for ease of use. It is meant to be clean, well organized, and fast to load. It is designed so that it is viewable with any browser. To that end, I regularly test it with both Netscape Navigator 4 and Lynx (text only). The point of this site is to provide information, not wow visitors with the latest technology gimmicks. And another great thing is that there are no banner advertisements at all.

Also, as part of my policy on spam avoidance, I do not publish my e-mail address anywhere on the site. Visitors can e-mail me via the Contact Information page, and they would get my address when I reply. Likewise, I don't publish your addresses when you leave messages in the guest book; site urls are used instead. My only exception to this is that I leave in the e-mail addresses contained in the contributed FAQs I publish, as the contributors obviously don't mind giving them away. If you wish to contact someone whose e-mail isn't provided, you can ask me for it.

Linking to this Site

If you choose to bookmark this page for later, please use this url: "http://www.chronology.net".

If you have Netword software installed on your computer then you can get here using the keyword "chronology".

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